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                      Suzhou HEALTH Biology and Technology Limited Company is an enterprise for studying PCO technology,developing and saling vermifuge,internet training and PCO service.It offers PCO service for guesthouses,public house,restaurants,schools,hospitals,factories,residence zones, markets,stations and public palces. HEALTH established a specialized and standardized PCO service system to implement its service aim:be away from insect pest ,be healthy.In order to supply our clients and companions better service,we will establish date processing center and client service center to take the orders of professional science for PCO, professional service for people.
                      We developed a series of DIY serve modes to satisfy the special needs for pest PCO,to satisfy different needs of individuals ,units and institutions.So at any time and any place clients can get professional guide from the company’s network http://www.rheinoper.com ,and also can gain grate commerce rewards through the business activities which were supplied by the HEALTH.
                      The company is positive to participate in society utilities. The company will be responsible for more society works to repay a favor to the society.
                      The company hopes that through the developing process of business activities it can establish a cooperation and co-win situation for clients,staff,specialists and the government.

                  Address:Room 388-4, NO.146, South Barracks Building, Guangji South Road,
                                   Jinchang District, Suzhou
                  Phone: 0512-65584522     0512-61269299      13862587441     13771733698
                  Fax     : 0512-65584522
                  Web Sitehttp://www.rheinoper.com
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                  蘇州海爾絲生物科技有限公司 提供專業的消毒及蟲害防制服務
                  地址 蘇州金閶區廣濟南路146號 南兵營大廈388-4號
                  電話:13771733698   0512-65584522   Email : Service@health-pco.com  客服QQ: 530972328, 113660959 
                  蘇ICP備號08007513號   我要啦免费统计